ENHANCE Slooty Flightsuit – Standalone Outfit. ESM (Light) V1.4

ENHANCE Slooty Flightsuit - Standalone Outfit. ESM (Light)

A flightsuit for warm environments. The outfit is now available in multiple changeable clothing skins and is complemented by a separate Accessory Pack.

This mod adds a standalone NSFW flightsuit with changeable amour skins for female characters. This mod is ESM (light), aka Light Master.

This deadly outfit provides +5% critical damage.

A skin or underwear texture replacer is highly recommended. This mod does not include a body texture replacer. The ones in the photos are from STARQUEEN- Starfield Female Skin Textures, with a bit of modification with XS Sporty Sexy Sweat – Wet Body Skin Texture For Starfield. You can use any skin or underwear texture replacer, ideally for the vanilla body. Some textures may have a more prominent neck seam, but anything is better than the vanilla undergarments.

A separate Accessory Pack is available.

This mod shares some texture files with the ENHANCE Flightsuit mod. When using them together, you can overwrite them either way; load order doesn’t matter.

How to get the outfit:
– Craft it at the industrial workbench at the hefty cost of one fibre. Look for ZY1 Slooty Flightsuit.

– Or, get the outfit by using the console command. Look for the ID by typing: help slooty

Download with a mod manager.

Ensure that you have created the StarfieldCustom.ini file in “Documents\My Games\Starfield\” and input the following:



Download mod

File File size
zip ZY1S_Slooty_Flightsuit-1-4 36 MB
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