XS Sporty Sexy Sweat – Wet body skin texture for Starfield V Final

XS Sporty Sexy Sweat - Wet body skin texture for Starfield

Sporty Sexy Sweat is THE original wet skin mod, originally designed for Skyrim in 2012.
Built from the ground up, this unique mod which will enable sweaty wet body for both male and female characters. Your character will have a sexy glistening wet skin which will enhance the realism, sexiness and all the fine details of the skin.

This mods works best if you also install my other mods
Female fitness muscle normal map “XS Sporty Sexy Map”
Male fitness muscle normal map ‘XS Ripped’

For Starfield I’ve remade most of the the texture details by hand. Mainly due to Starfield using a roughness map, in contrary to Skyrim’s Specular map. After extensive experimentation and combining several techniques, I was able to create this.

The mod itself is only one normal map that needs to be placed in the \Documents\My Games\Starfield\ folder.

Female textures

Male textures

To uninstall the mod, simply remove the file above.

Known Issues
– I don’t understand why but the forehead and face are less affected by the roughness map. This can be due to a conflicting mask but I haven’t figured out why. Will investigate further.
– Seams are difficult to spot but still visible in certain lights and angles

StarfieldCustom.ini will of course need the the following lines:



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