One-Of-A-Kind-Ships – FlexiPorts V1.1

One-Of-A-Kind-Ships - FlexiPorts V1.1

Improved and more flexible dockers and bays, including the Hope-11 Rear/Aft Docker

One-Of-A-Kind-Ships – FlexiPorts
Versatile landing bay and docker modules

One-Of-A-Kind-Salvage isn’t just for mech parts – we have ship parts too!
They aren’t exactly factory certified… and all products are sold as-is with no warranty or guarantee inferred or implied; all sales final; caveat emptor. Buyer takes sole responsibility for any and all liabilities – including any boots they may find wedged in the packaging… But are generally largely improved! Better positions and flexibility will enable you to finally put that docker wherever the heck you want!

Presently we only have the aft docker available, but we have improvements galore in the works! Not that you needed a reason to visit Niira … here’s one anyway!

V1.1: Mod is now completely independent and should have no conflicts. It is safe to upgrade from 1.0 – only the menu placement has changed.

Hope-11 Aft Docker module

The ultimate docker module for a grand entry is now also perfect for an elegant exit. ALL docker positions are now available.

This is a rear/aft version of the Hope-11 Fore docker. It works exactly like you Hoped (lol) when you first saw that hungry-looking docker-mouth-ring:

This thing would be really handy in the back.
I expect innuendo in the comments 🤣.

What is the catch: Purely cosmetic. I had to remove the lights and decals, and the docking animation is backwards but honestly I’ve seen worse during vanilla gameplay. Also, this is my first Bethesda mod.

How to install:
Use Vortex or something.
Otherwise, it is just a single .esm – drop it in the Data folder and add “*Hope-11_Aft.esm” as far down as you can. Two vanilla objects are modified in a way that is arguably more important that whatever anyone else does (that I’m aware of). If there is enough demand I could make an independent version, but patching is easy enough.

# Plugins.txt always starts with a pound everyone knows that

Known Compatibility:
Everything! mod is completely independent with zero master overrides.

Safety / Uninstall:
Unlikely to result in stability issues, nor should it require updating for game patches. If there are any stability issues it would be during docking or undocking, but vanilla crashes during such events often enough who can tell, eh?

Uninstall is typical – for best results remove any instances of the modules before removal. If you remove the mod while the parts are on your homeship, they will disappear.

Most mirrored modules in-game use completely separate 3d models for each orientation; then each and every little packed-in part is rotated and translated independently – and after two painful attempts I was ready to give up. Then I discovered that the Taiyo top-bottom docker reuses the same model… and the starborn docker is rear facing. Using those as references I finally hit paydirt in the builder… but the door wasn’t being punched out.
The processes that carve out door holes have special conditions for docker snaps… on fore, port, stbd, top and bottom facing doors… but not aft. They do however have the aft-handling conditions for the Taiyo Aft Ship-Bed Bay… so I could have tried to update the rules (the technically “correct” way, but beyond the scope of my motivation), or just flag the thing as a docker. As far as I can tell, the only difference is the label of the inner door when not docked.

This is the first of a series of One-of-a-Kind-Salvage and Crimson Fleet themed ship mods currently in-progress. Mods with significant progress:
– Top-attachment variant of the Stroud Stability-Pro Bay (functionally complete)
– Variant of Ares Bridge with addition of bottom hatch, decluttered (functionally complete)
– ‘proper’ Stripped-down habs (i.e. all hatch plugs work, all walls maximize space, reduced fog, doesn’t sound like you are outdoors…) (Stroud nearly-complete)
– Stripped down versions of Port-Stbd Stroud storerooms for your flying hotel (nearly complete)
– Habz tweaks – Stroud workshop variant, stroud storeroom variants
– Hammerspace (aka pocket dimension) drivetrain (need to work out visuals)
– Crimson Fleet CredSeeker EM-Pulse Laser (waaay too OP ATM…)



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