The Den Astrodynamics V0.96

The Den Astrodynamics V0.96

READ BEFORE INSTALLING. 3 Versions available: No Loot, No Loot No Purse Change, Loaded Loot.

With partnership of all major ship part manufacturers and Ryujin, I bring you The Den Astrodynamics.

Ship Services Dude, now named Kelly Johnson (If you know, you know) will have all ship parts, including CF equipment and a 1M credit purse. Conditions for these parts are still in place as there are plenty of mods that remove requirements like quests done beforehand, etc. If I did do that, it would blanket all shipbuilders and that didn’t feel right in this scenario. But, at least you don’t have to build a half-baked ship just to go to another system for parts and I figure most people will be in NG+ with at least the shipbuilding skills taken care of.

Building ships is one thing, rolling dice and swapping habs over and over just to get the right door placement is another. I’d highly recommend Place Doors Yourself to compliment this mod and Kelly’s shipbuilding skills. This is essentially the FO4 Place Everywhere of Starfield shipbuilding and a must have for my personal mod list.

No forms (GBFMs) that pertain to ships where modified so other mods that do remove restrictions should not interfere with this mod.

Kelly has over 80 ships to choose from, a lot not obtainable by normal means. (Listed at bottom of this page) No more having to steal ships that net you 5000 credits after registration just to finally find the right ship that suits you, let alone dealing with the bugs that more than likely will follow commandeering. Since I didn’t want to modify any of the game’s ship forms I had to create 2 new ones because the ships had No Sale as a keyword. Meaning, you buy them and you can’t sell them without tricking the system. Starborn VI and the UC Prototype ship are custom forms. You buy those, uninstall the mod, those ships are gone out of your inventory and into the void.

Trade Authority Marcel, even with his less than jovial personality, worked a deal out with Ryujin to bring you specialty items. Apparel, armor, weapons, novelty, and much more will be available for purchase along with a 250K purse. I put conditions over a lot of these items because, for instance, it wouldn’t seem right to be able to buy ECS Constant clothing if you’ve never been on the ship. So, complete a quest, check out his inventory if you feel like it. All in all, about 160 articles of clothing, but you’ll start off with about 70, not including spacesuits, helmets and packs. They too will be available after quests are finished. Forget to grab something from NASA Launch Tower after Unearthed that’s now closed off? There’s a good chance he’ll have it, including snow globes and memorabilia. Want to put a non-legendary Mantis suit on Barret? Check with Marcel after the quest. Marcel now only has markers near the window, so he *should* always be accessible without having to go in his office. I also gave him and Kelly a stool to relax from time to time.

Orval has been working hard to rebuild The Den Tap & Tavern. He also worked a deal out with distant settlements to bring you food from every corner of the galaxy and Marcel is helping him import some of the more exotic consumables, discretely. Conditions apply to certain food items that you would normally not be able to get without a quest. All in all, I believe he’s in the area of around 160 consumables when all conditions are met.

Player home with “Decorate” and custom named containers. Full stock room of containers for you to choose from along with certain decorations not available in game. (I’m not a melee player, but yes, there are melee containers, as well, in storage.)

Cleaned up drastically and remodeled with a bathroom. Who knows where these people were going before hand.
Nearly everything added is scrappable including external signage.

Map marker for The Den Astrodynamics is now military chevron version and is 466M away for instant docking as soon as you arrive. Just pull up and park your car in the garage.

There’s one thing I put in there for a joke originally, Petrov’s classical music from The Scow down by the bar. Believe it or not, it seems like it fit so I left it. This too, can be disabled in game by scrapping a designated MAKE IT STOP! vent. (See pics)

Clothing has been swapped out on a lot of the NPCs that reside in The Den. You will have to have never stepped foot in The Den in your current game to see these changes. For more advanced players, you can resurrect them to see the changes, but that’s at your own risk. Had to make a custom space helmet version of the UC baseball cap for Rayna because, apparently, we can’t mix and match normal clothing with space equipment on NPCs even if it’s a different body part unlike Power Armor.

Most signage can be scrapped directly besides a certain few. Seems workshop mode could not get a handle on the NIFs associated to these few objects. To test this, I swapped the NIFs out with others and was able to scrap the object, so it wasn’t the database record causing it that I could conclude. For these, there’s also a scrappable vent to remove them. (See pics)

All containers I created are unlimited space, protected from cell reset & theft and will not change throughout your game along with being owned explicitly by you. I cannot guarantee that containers, or anything for that matter, you build with workshop mode will yield the same result. I can say nothing has gone missing in 5 playthroughs that I built including commitment gifts.

There is an OVERABUNDANCE of signage & decoration to the point of almost being tacky. This was on purpose, and not as much by taste, because you would not be able by normal means to get most of the signage or decorations without console commands, let alone deal with the sheer size once you do spawn them in. Some of these items are gigantic and shrunk down to .04 scale, just to put it into perspective. This is meant for you to go in and scrap what you don’t want then decorate to your liking. There are actually some signs under signs, so if you don’t like the first one, there may be one underneath. Scrap that too, doesn’t matter to me.

Most objects are customized to tell you what scrapping the object will do in the top, left hand corner of your HUD. Something like “Scrap desk, all objects on top, containers will be left levitating”, for instance.

The Den is significantly cleaned up. No objects are owned anymore as there really wasn’t anything of much value, and there really isn’t much left of clutter. The objects that remain have pretty much all had their physics removed or objects changed to a static variant so they will no longer get knocked over.

Lighting has been improved and the olive drab hue is now gone to the best of my abilities without a visual editor like Creation Kit. Not a very fun job, to say the least, when you’re flying blind and have to load the game each time to see the changes you’ve made. Just getting angles right is a nightmare. It’s no where near perfect, but I think it’s better and livelier. Let’s be honest here, I was never great at lighting in the first place because it’s really a complex art. Hat’s off to the people like Luxor8071, etc. that have an eye for it. I certainly don’t. Blue walls have also been changed to one shade lighter.

Orval’s quest to put up Vae Victis posters, Winning Hearts and Minds, will now spawn the crate of posters only at quest time, allow you to take them, and it will seem like you take the whole crate so there’s no clutter left over.

A word of note, there’s currently a bug with the game, itself, where Sarah, Barret, Sam and Andreja have only a single line comment when entering The Den and a very short cooldown. Sarah is the only one that had Say Once over her dialog. I added it to the other 3 so you don’t get spammed over and over again. Reported to Community & Unofficial Patches.

There are only 3 markers besides the ones very close to Kelly Johnson for his sandbox in the front area, I would recommend NOT BUILDING past the first area as it’s loaded with markers. That means DO NOT build from the wall, that has the Mission Board backed up against it, on to the bar area. You’ve got plenty of room to do what you want in the initial, main area. Your choice, I can’t hold your hand, here.

The positions of the 3 guard markers are shown in the pics for the main area so you don’t build on top of them. Scroll to the last few of the pics section for those. You’ll want to see them so you don’t wrack your brain trying to figure out why these NPCs are walking into things. Vasco has a new wait marker moved from where all of the containers are to where the Deimos sign is located. You’ve got a 50/50 chance of seeing him there the first time you board as there’s only 2. This keeps him out of the way of your sorting your loot. If you have already been to The Den prior to installation and find he’s still in the old position, it might take a cell refresh for the wait marker to become active. He was clipping into the trashcan, anyway with the original marker, and that too has been reported to Community and Unofficial Patches.

DO NOT build in the storage area (See pic with red floor towards the end of the pic gallery) until you have completed the mini quest The Boot. Keep the stuff that is in the storage area away from that red area in the pic or you will more than likely screw up that quest. There is, yet another, vent to scrap that will appear after that quest is complete and you come back which will allow you to do a cleanup of that quest, the blood, the body and crate. Scrap vent is above where the body is located, top of the wall.

While I gave you the ability to scrap the whole bathroom, I’d leave it the way it is if I were you. There’s a marker in there for Rayna for a quest and what I have built will not interfere with the marker/s. There’s a really good chance that what you build will, however. So, stick with what I stated above and stay in the front build area.

3 Versions available: No Loot, No Loot No Purse Change, Loaded Loot.

Loaded Loot container version can be switched within the game to No Loot version so you can pick what you want and switch over to empty containers by simply scrapping a small vent above the Decorate button. You cannot switch to No Purse version in-game. (See pics) 4 Trade Authority Kiosks in case you absolutely can’t sell everything and went for the No Purse option, set to different persistent locations so they have independent purses. 3 of the 4 can be scrapped. The loaded containers are, well, pretty loaded along with 2M credits in the safe to build a good ship from the start. This was really because NG+, there’s a good chance you left that much on the table between ship costs, inventory and credits before Unity if you did a lot of quests. So, if you can’t restrain yourself, I’d advise you to go for the No Loot version. I really only included it because I made it for myself so that I could breeze through certain portions of the game to create other mods and/or diagnose bugs.


1. Kelly Johnson will NOT have ships for purchase. This is the nature of the Activator that controls it. You’ll need to wait until NG+ or go back to a save prior to entering The Den for the first time. He will be able to do all ship modifications in shipbuilder, however.

2. CF Evidence slate will more than likely hover in the air as the table was moved and the evidence is a persistent reference. Physics was removed so it will not get knocked around, however. This will not happen after NG+ or if you never entered The Den prior to installation.

3. Orval and Marcel’s inventory might not update until their next inventory refresh. Give it a couple in-game days and you should be good to go.

MAKE A NOTED SAVE BEFORE INSTALLING. DO NOT install this mod while you are actually in The Den. It’s best to install this while you are in a completely different system away from Wolf due to the Map Marker changes. If you need to uninstall for any reason, wait until JUST BEFORE you jump to NG+ or go back to that noted save. It’s never good to uninstall a mod mid game, let alone ones that are more in-depth.

No BGS Reflection was harmed during the making of this mod and there are no external assets.

20% of any proceeds are sent directly to ElminsterAU for his unbelievable database and reverse engineering work.

Future improvements once Creation Kit is released:
Terminal based for almost everything that you had to scrap manually with a scrap vent and also going from Loot to No Loot.
Navmeshing… There’s a few spots I see NPCs get hung up on, but all in all not bad, and I’m happy with the improved pathing over FO4. Some objects didn’t have Object Bounds so I had to improvise by adding them manually from a very close sized object or something of the same mesh but different texture that did have it.

Mod Creators and Advanced Modders:
Mostly everything is documented under comments of the reference record, including what temporaries are stacked to which persistents. Since we don’t have CK yet, I created markers that you can enable and disable in-game. See the last pic for what these markers look like. They are different sizes to differentiate each type and will show you the following: NPC Spawn, NPC Marker, NPC Marker Persistents, Patrol Idle, Patrol Idle Persistents, and Vasco Wait.

Enable the following persistent refs in-game or set in XEdit, your choice. A couple NPC Markers were disabled, 1 was Marcel to keep him stationed at the window and another NPC lean against wall because it was problematic during testing.
A word of mention, after searching a lot I found a way to use Decorate Activator in an owned cell because there’s no real documentation as of yet. See the Decorator activator persistent reference for BGS Component details if you need it for something.

NPC Markers: x000B82
NPC Spawn: x000BE0
NPC Patrol Idle: x000BA5
Vasco Wait: x000BD2

Ships Available:
Razorleaf (With Legendary Effect)
Star Eagle
Kepler R
Kepler S
Starborn Guardian VI
Dagger IV
Silent Runner
J. Lemaire’s Ship
Lemaire Longsword
Smuggler’s Stingray
Abyss Trekker
The Ragana (You’ll have to use console commands to unlock terminal or swap out the Taiyo Armory hab)
Clinic Med Reponse
SSNN Sunsail II

L.I.S.T. Settler Venture II
L.I.S.T. Settler Slipstream

Trade Authority:
Trade Authority Wagon Train II
Trade Authority Highlander III

Star Parcel:
Star Parcel Star Semi
Star Parcel Pikup III
Star Parcel Spacetruk III
Star Parcel Kirov IV

GalBank Hulker III
GalBank Asphalt CB III
GalBank Stormrider III
GalBank Babylon II

Tracker’s Alliance:
Tracker’s Alliance Vindicator III
Tracker’s Alliance Naginata II
Tracker’s Alliance Crossbow II

The First:
The First Dragonfire II
The First Pterosaur III
The First Dullahan II

Spacer Hyena III
Spacer Coyote III
Spacer Vulture II

Ecliptic Cutlass II
Ecliptic Rapier III
Ecliptic Scimitar III
Ecliptic Falcata III
Ecliptic Claymore III

Va’ruun Dirge III
Va’ruun Eulogy III
Va’ruun Hymn III
Va’ruun Litany
Va’ruun Prophecy III
Va’ruun Revelation II
Va’ruun Vigil III

Freestar Collective:
Freestar Sec Railstar II
Freestar Sec Falcon III
Freestar Sec PCH II
Freestar Sec Big Rig II
Freestar Sec Nimitz III

United Colonies:
Azrael’s Sword (Archangel)
Joan Of Arc (Taft’s Ship)
Prototype Ship
UC Vanguard Hammerhead III
UC Navy Longsword IV
UC SysDef Celestial II
UC SysDef Nebula II
UC SysDef Phalanx III
UC SysDef Chimera III

Crimson Fleet:
Jade Swan III
Erebos (Kryx’s Ship)
Lady Lyudmila (Rokov’s Ship)
Blind Bet (Mathis’ Ship)
Moonchild (Estelle’s Ship)
Freyja’s Rage (Adler’s Ship)
Astraea (Naeva’s Ship)
Banshee III
Phantom III
Reaper III
Specter IV
Wight III
Wraith III



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