Fallout Nuka-Cola Space Trucker V1.0

Fallout Nuka-Cola Space Trucker V1.0

Nuka-Cola themed retexture for the spacetrucker spacesuit. I put a lot of work into this one, probably my best mod so far.

I been working on this spacesuit for a very long time… Making all the stickers, deciding where to place them, adding weathering to every single one of them.
Not to mention that I had to fix a bunch of texture bugs from the vanilla version of this outfit… I spend literally weeks working on this thing so I hope you guys like it!

I included two versions (one with a Red Rocket on the shoulder pad and one without it) and two optional files (different backpack and helmet)

Plants for future updates:
reduce opacity on the visor
add a bunch of new visors
New helmets
Different outfit colors (cherry red, orange, quantum, nukashine etc)
VIM trucker

How do I install this thing?

1. Download the mod

2. Extract Data folder to C:\username\Documents\My Games\Starfield

3. In the same location create StarfieldCustom.ini (if you don’t have it already) and add these lines:


How to remove it?
Simply remove this folder: C:\\documents\my games\starfield\data\textures\clothes\spacesuit_spacetrucker



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