Mantis Suit – Vigilante V1.1

Mantis Suit - Vigilante V1.1

This is just another Mantis spacesuit replacer. What started as a small edit here and there, turned into this.

Anything that messes with the textures for the Mantis helmet, Naeva suit, Spacesuit diver boostpack, and basegloves3

How to install
Install like any other mod with Mod Manager Download
Place the Data folder into Documents\My Games\Starfield

Edit your StarfieldCustom.ini located in Documents\My Games\Starfield
If you don’t have a StarfieldCustom.ini create one by making a StarfieldCustom.txt and renaming it to StarfieldCustom.ini
It should look like this below.



Download mod

File File size
rar Mantis Suit - Vigilante-1-1 26 MB
rar Mantis Suit - Vigilante v2-1-0 26 MB
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