KZ Gravitic Armoire V1.0

KZ Gravitic Armoire V1.0

Adds various standalone outfits, few headgear and spacesuits to the game. Female only currently, except Graviton.

Current content:

Black Aurora Outfit
Black Aurora Dress
– Bought from Sieghart’s Outfitters on Neon.

Cyberia Outfit
Cyberia Mask
Cyberia Spacesuit
Cyberia Assault Suit
Cyberia Helmet
Cyberia Assault Helmet
Cyberia Boostpack
– Bought from Sati Chandra on Porrima, Red Mile.

Graviton Tactical Spacesuit
Graviton Tactical Helmet
Graviton Assault Helmet
Graviton Boostpack
– Bought from UCSurplus on New Atlantis, The Well.

Mechanized Assault Outfit
Mechanized Assault Amp
Mechanized Assault Suit
Mechanized Assault Helmet
Mechanized Assault Boostpack
– Bought from Gel on Niira (Narion), 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage.


Use any working mod manager or drop the files to your Steam Starfield directory and enable from Creation menu.

Install any nude body texture mod, as shown in pictures for the outfits, to remove the vanilla underwear, for example: CRT – Skins or Starqueen textures.


Kryo Zet

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