Mantis Replacer – Starborn Navigator V1.0

Mantis Replacer - Starborn Navigator V1.0

Just a quick ba2 extraction and edit to transmog the Mantis suit with the Starborn Hunter helmet, Navigator space suit, and Deepseeker Pack.

I loved the aesthetic of the navigator suit, but wanted those sweet stats and exclusivity of the Mantis suit so no one else could wear my gear. (Black Navigator Spacesuit mod still affects all navigator gear…)

– This mod is made up entirely of base game assets, there are no custom assets, textures or otherwise, in this mod
– Tested several times to have proper file structure with MO2 (I don’t use Vortex so those files aren’t tested)
– Tested and working for the steam version (I don’t use Gamepass, don’t ask)
– Female files are in the mod, though I only tested it for males (comment if you notice issues)
– The first 3 images are what the suit could look like with several texture mods listed below (all compatible, no overwrites, put in any order you prefer in MO2)



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