Better Scopes (Ultrawide Support) V0.5

Better Scopes (Ultrawide Support) V0.1

What is This?
Better Scopes is a simple mod designed to improve readability of weapon scopes while sticking as close to the vanilla textures as possible. It’s also my first mod for a Bethesda game, so it was meant to help me learn to deal with the archaic .swf HUD files. Should be fully ultrawide compatible as I tested on my 3440×1440 monitor, but if anyone has an issue please let me know via a comment or bug report and I will release updates.

1. Extract the Interface folder into your Starfield Data folder
2. Add the following lines to StarfieldCustom.ini (or follow this guide):
Simply delete scopemenu.swf from the Interface folder (while the game is not running).



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File File size
zip Better Scopes-0-5 175 KB
zip BetterScopes_v0.1 36 KB
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