O.R.B – Outpost Resource Bot V1.1

O.R.B - Outpost Resource Bot V1.1

O.R.B, a reprogrammed farming bot has shown up at Akila City ship services, and is looking forward to assisting you with your outposts.

Meet O.R.B
O.R.B – Short for Outpost Resource Bot – is a reprogrammed farming bot optimised for managing outpost production, and is currently looking for a change of scenery.

O.R.B is able to boost your Outpost Management and Outpost Engineering by three ranks, and is free to pick up, making him an excellent early addition to any crew. Note that he cannot follow you around, only be assigned to the ship or outposts.

– O.R.B currently has no voice lines, but I will implement them in the future.



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