Weapon Skin Expansion Project (WSEP) – Constellation Laser Cutters V1.0

Weapon Skin Expansion Project (WSEP) - Constellation Laser Cutters

Adds Constellation Skins for the Laser Cutter. Textures come from piromods Constellation Laser Cutter retexture mod. Made with SF1Edit.

Weapon Skin Expansion Project (WSEP)

The Weapon Skin Expansion Project will consist of many different mods implementing some of the best weapon retextures currently on nexus as craftable weapon skins, as well as new skins. The goal of the mods are to utilize an intentionally under developed part of the game to expand on player expression and give greater variety to the weapons of Starfield.

Weapon Skin Expansion Project Mods:
Ryujin X Combatech (12 Weapon Skins)
Tacticool Black – Eon (1 Weapon Skin)
Constellation Laser Cutter (2 Weapon Skins) [You are here]
Fallout Laser Cutter (5 Weapon Skins)
Wasp (4 Weapon Skins)

New Weapon Skins

This mod will add 2 new Constellation themed weapon skins to the Laser Cutter!

Constellation [White]
Constellation [Beige]

How to Use?

Weapon Skins will unlock after becoming an official member of Constellation.
You need to complete the first Constellation Quest, The Old Neighborhood, before you will see the weapon skins.

If you don’t want to earn the skins, you can download the optional Auto Skin Unlocker file.

How To Install?
Download and Install Constellation Laser Cutter – Textures Main File from piromods mod
Download and Install either Main File, but only choose 1.

Note: It is safe to install mid-playthrough, as well as uninstall. Before uninstalling it is ideal to unequip the Skins before removing the plugin.

How to Update?
For minor updates (v1.0X) all you need to do is download the new file and overwrite the existing installation.
For major updates (v1.X0) you will need to redownload the .ba2 archive from piromods mod page and the Main File from this mod.


MattTheSlayer24 and piromods

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