Height Randomizer SFSE V0.3D

Height Randomizer SFSE V0.2C

Randomises NPC height in such a way that it’s consistent across saves and playthroughs. Includes customisable INI settings for height scaling with different variance, and/or gender disparity.
Works with crowds, too!.
Brought to you from the original mod for Fallout: New Vegas

I really like some of Starfield’s new NPC features, especially the crowd system
But I DESPISE the fact that everyone is the same height (yeah I know it’s nitpicky, but muh immurshun).
This mod changes that.


This mod randomises NPC heights so they’re kept the same across save files and
playthroughs, and comes with a highly customisable INI file to tweak the
distribution to your liking. Default settings are tuned for what we provides the best balance of realism and diversity.


– Customisable value for maximum height change (e.g. ± 0.15 is the default)

– Can be made to scale more or less variably, or to give the genders different average heights

– Comes with three different functions for calculating height: (1) realistic, (2) semi-realistic, and (3) highly varied

– Completely safe to customise or uninstall mid-playthrough

For those interested in the maths, here are our inverse cumulative distribution
functions, where |x| < 0.5. See the mod images for a graphical

NOTE: Option 1 is approximately an inverse CDF with mean of 0, and standard deviation of 4/70. This number was
chosen assuming that a scale of 1.0 is 5'10" (or 70"), thus giving an
in-game stddev of 4" just like real life.

Option 1: f(x) = (0.115 x) / (1 – (0.115)*(14.9)*|x|)

Option 2: g(x) = (2x-1)*|2x|^(3) / 2

Option 3: h(x) = (2x-1)*|1.25x|^(3/2)


carxt – CovenantTurtle

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