New Atlantis – Billboard Map V1.2.1

New Atlantis - Billboard Map V1.1

Adds a billboard map in the city of New Atlantis

The original creator of the map, Wojtek (aka Longwinter68), has allowed me permission to use their work in a public mod format. They have many more MAPS/GUIDES for Starfield and other games on their website.

Direct Link to New Atlantis Map


Tired of running around New Atlantis and getting lost ? – These new billboard maps will help you find your way to the next destination !

Simply replaces an billboard advertisement found in New Atlantis with a map/information board. These can found at every NAT Station and in the middle of New Atlantis city.


Step 1

Simply extract the folder into your data folder in “Documents/MyGames/Starfield”.

Should look like this: “Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data\Textures\setdressing\advertisements\”

Step 2

You probably already have done this but make-sure your StarfieldCustom.ini is setup correctly:




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