More Survey Missions V1.0

More Survey Missions V1.0

Relaxes the weirdly strict requirements for the radiant survey missions, allowing for far more valid target planets. No more empty Constellation mission board.

If you are like me, and you actually enjoy exploring in this game, it’s possible that you have completed every possible survey mission from The Lodge. If you’ve also finished the main quest, this basically means that Constellation no longer has any work, and may as well close its doors. Why should this be the case though, when there is still so much of the galaxy left to explore? Why do they only offer missions that reach about as far as Volii?

Likewise, why would LIST only be interested in planets a stone’s throw away from the mission board these quests appear on? The whole point of their organization is to set people up away from civilization, after all.

This mod edits the following conditions for valid planets:
• Planet must be within 10 parsecs of the player’s current location.
- This limit has been removed. Distance is irrelevant now. You can get survey missions for any planet from any mission board now.
- Justification: 10 parsecs is roughly the maximum range of a single jump. Why would Constellation only be exploring its back yard?
• Planet must have a current survey percentage of < 25%, and its star system must have a current survey percentage of < 50%. - These limits have both been changed to < 100%. - Justification: Why does it matter when you put in the work? If you have already scanned a planet to 99%, you should be allowed to go finish that work. None of the other conditions have been touched, so it isn't just a total free-for-all. The following conditions for valid planets still exist: Cannot be a gas giant. Cannot be already settled. Must have the "LocTypeMajorOrbital" keyword (unsure exactly what this signifies, but just about every planet has it). Cannot be in the _Test1 or _Test2 star systems (because those exist in the game for some reason). Cannot be in the same star system that the player is currently in. Installing
Can be installed mid-save and should work the next time mission boards refresh (48 hours UT is enough). No special steps required. Either use your favorite mod manager to install automatically, or manually install it by extracting the ESM into your Data folder, then updating your plugins.txt file.

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler

Can be removed at any time, doesn’t matter. Completely safe. These conditional forms only affect quest generation, and have no effect on quests which are already generated or started.

Compatibility and Modder Information
Modifies MB_SurveyPlanet_PlanetConditions [CNDF:0018AA19] and MB_SurveyTrait_PlanetConditions [CNDF:0018B472]. These only affect survey mission generation, and nothing else. If you’re using another mod which makes its own changes to survey mission generation, load this mod below that one.

Does not conflict with mods like Leveled Mission Board Rewards, for example.

Known Issues
Nothing. I’ve tested this quite a bit to make sure it doesn’t generate any impossible-to-complete quests. “It just works!”



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