POI Cooldown – Fewer repeated POIs BETA V0.9

POI Cooldown - Fewer repeated POIs BETA

Reduces the number of repeated POIs by setting a cooldown timer after you’ve visited them. Less Abandoned Cryo Lab and more other ones

One of the biggest frustrations with Starfield is seeing the same POI again in quick succession (looking at you Abandoned Cryo Lab). This fixes this, by putting a cooldown on POIs you’ve visited, preventing them showing up again. Note that this cooldown is 10 in-game days – if you’re sleeping or waiting a lot than you may prefer the Looter’s edition(coming soon) which will set them to 50 in-game days.

It should work with planet generation as well as missions.

Unexpected consequences – removing up to 24 POIs from the pool of POIs means you’re likely to see some of the others a lot more. There are definitely a few other POIs I’m going to add to the list (Abandoned Relay Station) but ultimately the pool of POIs to place is only so big.

Either use a mod manager, or copy the files into the data folder of the main Starfield directory

Should run with everything, including Desolation. Includes a script but its pretty light, I don’t anticipate any incompatibilities unless someone has done a big overhaul of the way POIs are generated.
Tested with Starfield version v1.11.36 released in May, shouldn’t need regular updates but I’ll update this when I’ve checked against a new version.

If you want to reset the cooldown on POIs before removing the mod, there is a batch file you can run. Open the console and type bat data/POIcooldownreset
This is optional though, after the cooldown time elapses, the POIs will start appearing again anyway.
Then you can simply delete the script file or uninstall via mod manager.



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