Building Rarity V1.0

Building Rarity V1.0

7th Deserted UC Listening Post found? Everything feels too common? Time for building rarity by building rarity.

”When you have seen so many houses, they look all the same.”, shrugging excavator driver to family in pajamas

Building Rarity reduces the chance that a human made Point of Interest (POI) is spawned to 25% of the default vanilla chance in its given surroundings.

”These boots are made for floating…”, unknown singing space cowboy

The planets will feel less crowded and you will notice reptitions of the same buildings much less often. Exploration stays fresher this way. Still, there’s a lot of stuff out there to discover spontaneously if you get wanderlust. It’s just much more interesting cause it’s more rare. Fair warning, prepare for bad weather while trekking – the road’s much longer now.

Comes with two optional versions in the files section with reductions to only 50% (a bit less rarity) and to a hefty 10% (only the lonely).

”Finally you can hear the space grills chirp again, so beautiful.”, FPI Agent Greystoke

Unilke other great POI mods (like Desolation or Immersive Planet Density) Building Rarity does not make the outer worlds uninhabitated (they have less life in vanilla anyway though) nor does it affect other parameters (like eg general biome density).

How it was done
Building Rarity is a pure .esm mod, made with xEdit. It modifies the various vanilla spawn chances for buildings (which already depend on grade of civilization and population density in a given system) to only 25% (50% / 10%) of the vanilla values.

Please make a manual save beforehand to return to in case of problems / for continuing after uninstalling (should be good standard practice).

First make sure to enable Archive Invalidation
Then please install Plugins Enabler (and therewith also SFSE and Address Library for SFSE)
Download the mod, unzip it and place the .esm file into your game’s data folder
In your plugins.txt file please add the correct line, e.g.: *Building Rarity 25.esm (preferably at the end, so the changes are not accidentally overwritten by other mods)



Download mod

File File size
zip Building Rarity-1-0 455 B
zip Building Rarity 10-1-0 456 B
zip Building Rarity 50-1-0 457 B
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