Real Time V1.0

Real Time V1.0

This simple mod sets the ratio of game time to real time to 1:1. One hour (Universal Time) in the game thus lasts 60 minutes in real time. With it installed, the shadows of static objects on planets with earthlike rotations don’t visibly creep across the ground, and one is much less likely to have the jarring experience of entering a cave complex or enemy outpost in broad daylight but exiting it in the middle of the night (because the real-world minutes spent inside equated to hours in-game).

Other mods that change the rate at which time passes in the game seem to shy away from a straightforward 1:1 ratio, probably out of concern that doing so might break time-sensitive quests; however, I’ve played for hundreds of hours with this ratio and have experienced no noticeable adverse effects. For quests that require a certain amount of time to pass before the next phase triggers, simply sleep or wait to advance the clock.

1. Download the mod.
2. Extract RealTime.esm to %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data.
3. Download and install Plugin.txt Enabler.
4. Create a Plugin.txt file in %localappdata%\Starfield and add *RealTime.esm to it.



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7z Real Time-1-0 342 B
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