Avontech Munitions V1.0

Avontech Munitions V1.0

Adds three new balanced standalone weapons with upgrades via RTFP.

Avontech Armory is designed to add multiple new weapons to the game for both the player and NPCs.

It uses Real Time Form Patcher to add them to Npcs, Shops and Chests/displays.
I feel this is a good model for the way forward, as any mod can use this same method to add weapons and they won’t conflict.

I’m aiming to make sure they are roughly inline with the vanilla power levels and feature various upgrades.

Standard Receiver:
11mm 3 burst shot accurate rifle

Bladed rifle Receiver:
Semi Auto with increased bash damage

Heavy Particle Fuse Laser cannon.

Standard Receiver:
Wide spread handheld laser pistol.

Power shot Receiver:
Focused accurate laser pistol

Burst Receiver:
Fires twice as many lasers per ammo, but inaccurate.

Requires: Real Time Form Patcher (SFSE)



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