Astrogate V1.0

Astrogate V1.0

A simple mod that gives you more control over your spaceship.

Gives you more control over your spaceship by adding Supercruise, AutoPilot, Inter-Subsystem Travel and More.

I highly recommend binding the function below to a hotkey as it is the intended way to use this mod. I use Console Command Runner to do this, but you may set this up however you like. Without this keybind, the only way to use this mod is through the Remote Control item that is added to your inventory, trying to use this while in your ship’s pilot seat is a pain. Alternatively, you can just simply run the function in the console if you prefer.

The first two digits (XX) in “XX000801” are load-order specifc, to find them run “Find RI_ShipControlsHandler” in your console to get them.

cqf XX000801 “ShipControls.ShowShipControls”

Requires: Plugins.txt Enabler


Choose from a selection of Supercruise modes to travel through the Galaxy at a speed of your choice. Also allows your ship to come to a complete stop no matter how fast you’re going.


Astrogate V1.0
Astrogate V1.0

Travel through space without having to be in the pilot seat. Can be combined with Supercruise to achieve specific speeds.

Autopilot has two different modes:
Standard – Traveling within a planet and its moons (Ex. From Jemison to Kurtz). Will attempt to automatically stop your ship once within close proximity of another planet.

Intersystem – Traveling to a planet in another Sub-system (Ex. From Jemison to Gagarin). Will notify you once you’re within close proximity of the next Sub-system to sit in your pilot seat to begin a Grav Jump if you are not already seated . This feature was made with intention of being used with two other mods. They are not required but highly recommended.

More Dramatic Grav Jumps(First Person Grav Jumps)

Black Loading Screen Remover

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I was not able to figure out how to get the spaceships to turn/rotate in Autopilot, thus they will only be able to move in a straight line. Since planet’s orbits are simulated, it is possible for a planet you’re traveling to with Autopilot to move too far from being automatically detected by the mod, leading to your ship traveling indefinitely until the Autopilot is manually disengaged. I am still trying to work on this.

Surface Landing and Takeoffs
Remotely make your ship Takeoff and Land while on a planet’s surface.

Stationary Grav Jump
Grav Jump without going anywhere. Doesn’t really have a purpose but I was to lazy too remove this feature.

Remote Control
A Remote Control device is added to your inventory that can activate all of the above features.

Known Issues:
– Grav Jumps started by this mod may leave you at your previous planet. Unsure how to fix and won’t bother trying until CK drops.



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