Better BoostPack Flight V0.3

Better BoostPack Flight V0.3

This modification brings substantial adjustments to the in-game player settings for the boost pack. It transforms the boost pack’s behavior, allowing for swifter forward propulsion and temporary hovering during combat, imparting a distinct sense of weightiness. While the jetpack now provides quick bursts of thrust and sustained mid-air suspension, it doesn’t permit soaring into the skies as if gravity were non-existent on close to 1G or above celestial bodies. These settings have undergone rigorous testing to reach their current state.

Additionally, the game incorporates built-in gravity-dampening mechanisms for both high and low-gravity celestial bodies, which should function well; however, thorough testing on every planet hasn’t been conducted.

Additional testing has revealed that the gravity dampening on low-G planets remains relatively mild. This aspect will be fine-tuned in future updates. Meanwhile, exercise caution: if you can easily jump over a building due to the planet or moon’s gravity, be mindful when engaging your jetpack boost, as it may propel you into the air unexpectedly.

The setting for initiating horizontal boosts has been fine-tuned, eliminating the need to sprint before engaging; simply move in your desired direction and hit hold your alternative jump key.

Feature Highlights:

Press and hold to enable sustained flight with the boost pack.
Enhanced forward boost velocity.
Ability to hover in place and move around during hover. (Boost up then when the character starts falling boost and hold the boost to hover)

Ensure compatibility with controller inputs.
Implement hover delay through code.
Establish functionality for maximum altitude.

Installation Instructions:

Extract the contents to your Starfield installation directory.
In the game, press the tilde key (~) and enter “BAT BetterBoostpackFlight” (without quotes).

Additionally, add the following lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini file manually:


Uninstall: Run the “BAT BetterBoostpackFlightRestore” (without quotes).

Note: To fully enjoy the horizontal boost, consider binding your alternate jump key, preferably on your mouse if it has extra side buttons.

Highly recommended: Enhance the jetpack experience by using the Boost Pack Sound Overhaul #5 by Wildflower, which truly immerses you in the role of a bounty hunter.



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