Consistent Third Person Camera V1.1

Consistent Third Person Camera V1.0

Modifies the third person camera to be consistent across all player states (unarmed, sneaking, zero-g, swimming, and all weapon types).

The default third person camera has many inconsistent positions and rotation angles, as these things are baked into animation files rather than simple settings to adjust. This mod sets out to fix this and make the third person experience more enjoyable.

The method I used does not allow customizing the camera positions, I simply replaced some default animation files with other default animation files.

– Camera position is consistent across all states (eg. certain actions will not zoom the camera out)
– Vertical rotation angles are consistent across all states (eg. fixes weird angle when looking down with no weapon equipped)
– Option to disable camera zoom when aiming

Mod Manager recommended, I personally use Vortex but I assume Mod Manager will install the mod just fine. Please let me know if there are any issues.

If you want to install manually, just extract the zip contents into your data folder.



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