End-To-End Mission Boards V1.0

End-To-End Mission Boards V1.0

Tired of offloading some cargo or passengers only to discover there are no mission boards at your current location? End-To-End Mission Boards is my attempt at populating popular mission destinations with mission and bounty clearing boards so you can keep on truckin’.

Adds new mission and bounty clearing boards at the following locations:

Gagarin Landing, Gagarin, Alpha Centauri System
New Homestead, Titan, Sol System
The Den, Chthonia orbit, Wolf System

The Clinic, Deepala orbit, Narion System
Waggoner Farm, Montaro Luna, Cheyenne System

Eleos Retreat, Ixyll II, Ixyll System
Paradiso, Porrima II, Porrima System
Red Mile, Porrima III, Porrima System

Have no fear! There are pictures in the gallery that points out these new additions at each location.



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