Faster Waiting V1.1

Faster Waiting V1.1

Makes waiting and sleeping faster

This batch file will make the wait/sleep timer run faster.

You will still need to find a chair or a bed and select the time you want to rest, so the roleplay remains intact, but you will not have to wait forever for the timer to run down. That’s all it does, just some convenience. For instantly waiting everywhere or refreshing a shop owner’s inventory with a hotkey there is already a Better Waiting mod.

How this mod works: Normally, when waiting, the timer will count down 30 minutes per second (specifically “1800 seconds per update” as per default game setting). Installing this mod allows you to speed this up to either 1 hour per second, 2 hours per second or 4 hours per second, i.e. up to 8 times faster.

However, please note that waiting hours will only reduced per completed full step/second. Meaning:

If you select the “wait in 1 hour steps” and chose to wait for 3 hours, it will tick down the first hour, then the second hour, then the third.
If you select the “wait in 2 hours steps” and chose to wait for 3 hours, it will tick down the first 2 hours, but the next tick will be cut short (since there is only one hour left) and will not count, hence you effectively only wait 2 hours.
If you select the “wait in 4 hours steps” and chose to wait for 3 hours, it cannot even tick off the first 4 hours (since you selected only 3) and it will not work at all.
Makes sense?

Select the version you prefer and remember sleep/wait hours will only removed in completed multiples. Personally, I use the “wait in 4 hours steps” version, since with waiting for 4, 8 or 12 hours I can skip the night well enough and it just takes a max of 3 seconds.


Put the file in your game’s data folder (NOT into your Documents/MyGames/Starfield folder) and in-game open the console and type bat wait to activate.
This is not persistant in your save, so whenever you start the game, you need to run the console command once. Or simply call it in your StarfieldCustom.ini together with any other bat files you may want to run at game start and never type it again.


PS: You may note that the actual time which will pass may be a few minutes shorter than what you chose to wait. This is a workaround for an internal glitch where asking to pass 3600 game seconds in a 1 second update cycle is calculated as more(!?) than a chosen 1 hour wait time and does not work (likewise in the other versions). So to make it work, I tweaked each version to ask for 100 game seconds less per cycle. So now you will be effectively waiting 1.5 minutes less per second/cycle. Don’t ask. It just works 😉



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