Galactic Radio V1.0

Galactic Radio V1.0

This mod adds five radio stations: Classic (Fallout themed), Futuristic, Celtic, ToddTalk Radio and static noise. Last one is empty template where you can create your own playlist!

Sometimes it’s nice to play some music while exploring the unknown. This is my best take on creating a radio experience with the current modding resources we have. Its very primitive implementation, but hey, it just works. I hope you enjoy!

Stations/Playlists – 27 tracks in total
Galaxy Music Radio – Tune in and feel the Fallout vibes
ToddTalk – Todd Howard’s personal radio station
PilgrimFM – Celtic music for explorers
NEON FM – Hottest tunes from the future
Radio New Atlantis – Radio interference [user template]

How to use
If you can’t see anything in your inventory, spawn the needed radio frequencies. You need to do this only once.
Open console (press ~ or Ö) and copy paste everything from below:

player.additem 10CB4E 1
player.additem 10CB4D 1
player.additem 10CB4C 1
player.additem 10CB4B 1
player.additem 10CB4A 1

After that, open inventory -> Logs & Radio -> Choose ##Radio Station

Good to know

Music will mute on loading screens and will continue playing when the next track begins; you don’t need to restart it. There’s no problem if you like to spend your time walking around, exploring planets, building bases, etc. However, if you are constantly fast traveling from one location to another, you may want to stick to Spotify for now.
This mod basically hijacks Vladimir Sall’s (optional) collectibles. If you want to listen them, unistall this mod or listen them here: [Link coming]
Mod option “WithTracknames” overrides Vladimirs name. From now on he is called radio.
English localization support only (track and station names)

How to install
Standard Starfield mod installation. No extra shenanigans required:

1. Move Data folder into Documents\My Games\Starfield
2. Add these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini file or make one OR download this ready made ini


Unknown. Will be updated based on user reports.
dataslatemenu.swf and translate_en.txt are not crucial for this mod; they only change few texts and add radio icon. If there’s conflict, just remove them.

Not fully compatible:
– StarUI – Change l load order so it gets loaded first. Or remove this non-essential file from my mod: translate_en.txt (data\interface)


How can I add my own music and create playlist?
There is tutorial available in the download page: Radio Resources and Tutorial (For Modders)
Leave a comment or DM me if you got any problems understanding the tutorial.

Can I contribute to this project?
However, I don’t want to take any credit for your work or deal with any possible copyright issues. Please upload your audio files in your own page and add ‘Galactic Radio [No Track Names]’ to the ‘required mods’ section. I will include a link to your radio station in this mod’s description. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me here or on Discord (#real_bub)

About the music
I tried my best to use free/public domain music. I also uploaded all tracks on YT to double check if I will get any DMCA complaints (nothing so far).
Heres list of all the tracks:

Galaxy Music Radio
1. Jimmie Davis – A Woman’s Blues
2. Elton Britt – Ridin’ With My Gal
3. Phil Brito & Sunny Burke’s Orchestra – It’s Not That I’m A Wolf
4. The Boswell Sisters – Old Yazoo
5. Jimmie Davis – Where The Old Red River Flows
6. Will Osborne & His Orchestra – You’re A Builder Upper

1-4. Todd Howard – Various interviews/presentations

1. Alexander Nakarada – Adventure
2. Alexander Nakarada – Vopna
3. CA – End This
4. Alexander Nakarada – Wanderer
5. Keys Of Moon – River Dance
6. –Interference–

Radio New Atlantis
1-6. User template, radio interference

1. Sirius Beat – Tronicles
2. Karl Casey – Eclipse
3. Karl Casey – Bad Trip
4.Jens East – Nightrise
5. WeeFree – One-Cosmos



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