Reduced Stroud-Eklund Branding on Ships

Reduced Stroud-Eklund Branding on Ships

This mod reduces the amount of Stroud-Eklund branding logos on Stroud-Eklund ship parts so that you don’t have a ship with repeated Stroud-Eklund logos all over it.

There are many more parts that are changed than what is shown in the images, however the general theme is less Stroud-Eklund branding logos across the board.

To install this mod, simply extract the files to: Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data

Make sure you have a StarfieldCustom.ini file.
or you can create the file yourself and include the following in the file:


Users pointed out that there’s a better mod which does the same thing, except it removes the Stroud-Eklund branding logos completely rather than just reducing them. You can find that mod here:
Stroud Be-Gone



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