Enhanced Lockpicks Easy Digipicks Plus V0.2.4.2

Enhanced Lockpicks Easy Digipicks Plus V0.2.4.2

SFSE script that gives a variety of options to change the difficulty of lockpicking with digipicks. Can make it easy, a nightmare, or something in between, easy install.

Lockpicking in this game is one of those mechanics where depending on the time of the day, you’ll want to get it done fast and be done with it, or spend some brain cells solving a complex version of it, so why not give the option to quickly change it’s difficulty on the fly? Where as this is my personal opinion, there might be yours too, if so, you’re in the right place!

This mod will allow the player to change the complexity of digipicks to a desired difficulty. At this point the only way to configure it, is by re-running the fomod installer that comes with it (see the SETUP GUIDE below), no need to set up any .ini shenanigans. This process will improve in the future when the CK is within modder’s grasp.

ENHANCED LOCKPICKS mod’s scope is limited to only affect the difficulty of lockpicking, but if you would like to see this idea expanded to other areas of the game, or any compatibility patches with other mods are necessary, please let me know at the POSTS tab, also let me know if you want to see more difficulty presets!


These other mods are a requirement for this mod to function:

Starfield Script Extender
Console Command Runner

Highly recommended mods:

Baka Achievement Enabler



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