Gravity Affects Weight (SFSE) V1.1

Gravity Affects Weight (SFSE) V1.1

SFSE plugin that makes gravity affect inventory/carry weight

Starfield Script Extender

Makes gravity affect mass weight.
Vanilla game already does this, but in a much subtle form (fMaxGravityCarryWeight gamesettings)

Gravity will affect item weights, where

Higher gravity = items weigh more
Lower gravity = items weight less.

if bAdjustItemWeights is set to false in the config file, gravity will affect carry weight instead.

Higher gravity = less carry weight
Lower gravity = more carry weight.

Options can be configured in po3_GravityAffectsCarryWeight.ini in Data/SFSE/Plugins folder

Install this mod inside your game directory: steamapps/common/Starfield/Data/SFSE/Plugins



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