Increased Ship Transfer Distance V1.0

Increased Ship Transfer Distance

When on a planet or in a city, you may have noticed you can transfer items between your inventory and ship within a distance of 250m.

This simple game settings tweak increases that distance to 2500m.

Feel free to adjust this to whatever value you like!


This mod comes with one main file and an optional file, the StarfieldCustom.ini

Move the content of the main file, ShipTransferDistance.txt into your starfield game directory.

Example: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Starfield

Increased Ship Transfer Distance

Then simply add the following to your StarfieldCustom.ini:

sStartingConsoleCommand\=bat ShipTransferDistance;

Don’t include the \ here.

Increased Ship Transfer Distance

Note: Some users have reported issues loading multiple bat files at once.

If you are already using a mod that tweaks multiple game settings then follow this process:

Combine the content of the .txt files into one file like this:

Increased Ship Transfer Distance

Update the StarfieldCustom.ini to simply run the combined bat:

Increased Ship Transfer Distance


The optional file includes the custom ini file if you do not already have one.

This file goes into your Starfield documents folder.

Example: Documents\My Games\Starfield

Increased Ship Transfer Distance


Simply delete the .txt file from your game directory and remove the provided lines from StarfieldCustom.ini



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