Legendary Modifications V1.0.2

Legendary Modifications V1.0.1

This mod allows one to change the legendary traits on existing legendary weapons and armor. This does not let you turn ordinary weapons and armor into legendaries, but you can modify your favorite legendary weapons and armor to traits that suit your playstyle more.

Installation Instructions:
Unzip the archive and drop “legendaries.esp” into X:/Starfield/Data
Add the line “sTestFile1=legendaries.esp” into your StarfieldCustom.ini under [General].

The StarfieldCustom.ini goes to:
C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Starfield

If you do not have a StarfieldCustom.ini within this folder you have to create one yourself.
1. Create a textile and name it StarfieldCustom.ini (make sure that it is *.ini and not *.txt!)
2. Add the following to that file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad):



If you put the StarfieldCustom.ini into the Root or Data Folder of your Starfield Installation the mod will not load!

You can see if the mod works if the game tells you that mods are enabled and therefore achievements are disabled when you load a save if you do not use an achievement enabler (e.g. Baka’s Achievement Enabler)

Note: If you have multiple .esp mods, you can change the number after
sTestFile to anything 1-10 (sTestFile3=crafting.esp for instance).

Please be aware that the usage of mods disables achievements.

Mod Description:

IMPORTANT: This mod does not let you craft legendary weapons or armor from ordinary equipment, but you can modify existing traits.

In Starfield, Items come in three quality tiers.

Rare (blue)
Epic (purple)
Legendary (yellow)

An item with rare quality supports one legendary trait of tier 1, an item with epic quality supports a legendary trait of tier 1 and one of tier 2, and an item with epic quality supports a legendary trait of tier 1 one of tier 2, and one of tier 3.

Example: A legendary rifle (see screenshot) can have the Extended Magazine Trait (T1), the Hitman Trait (T2), and the Titanium Build Trait (T3), whereas a rare rifle can only have the Extended Magazine Trait (T1) or any other tier 1 trait.
Resource Cost:
I don’t want my mods to feel like a cheat, but as an addition to the game, it also shouldn’t be overly complicated, Therefore I looked at existing modifications and therefore the resource costs are like this for changing a…

T1 Trait:
1x Sealant
1x Adhesive
1x Titanium

T2 Trait:
1x Sealant
1x Adhesive
1x Titanium
1x Zero Wire

T3 Trait:
1x Sealant
1x Adhesive
1x Titanium
1x Zero Wire
1x Palladium



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