Looter Shooter – Shooter Looter V0001

Looter Shooter - Shooter Looter V0001

A QoL mod for Starfield.
Automagically loots, hacks terminals and, picks locks.
Fully configurable and Hotkey ready.


Tired of sifting through crap on a desk and still grabbing the marker instead of the credstik?  Well, do it automagically!

Hate that damned hacking/picking minigame?  Well, do it automagically!

Want to grab the ammo around you while you shoot your way through bullet sponges?  Well, do it automagically!

Just pull out your hand scanner and walk around as you normally would while looting and some of those chores will be handled for you!

This mod takes some of the tedium out of the endless cycle of shooting your way through the 14th identical abandoned research tower in the last two systems.


Automagic Installation:

Your mod manager may not fully support Starfield at this time.  Your mileage may vary depending on the tool you use.

Manual Installation:

Extract the package to your Data folder, maintaining the complete directory structure and file placement.

If you are using Plugins.txt Enabler then simply add a line reading *LooterShooter-ShooterLooter.esp

If you are NOT using Plugins.txt Enabler then…

Open your \Documents\My Games\Starfield\StarfieldCustom.ini

Add these sections and lines as required.  If sTestFile1 is used then use sTestFile2 (or sTestFile3, … up to 10).



Finally – Profit!

Quick’n’Dirty How-to:

I should have put in a direct on/off instead just a toggle for filters – on the TODO – anyway…

Use console commands or setup Hotkeys to change any of the mod controls and filters.  Refer to the table in the readme in the archive downloaded and on this page below for reference and complete details.

To toggle OFF the looting defaults:
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Actors"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Containers"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Valuables"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "ValueJunk"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Resources"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Keys"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Books"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Aid"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Chems"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Ammo"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Mines"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "Thrown"

To change the RANGE of the actions:
cgf "LSSL:Interface.SetFloatControl" "ScanRadius" float
Where “float” is the radius in meters you want (note, it is internally minimally clamped to 1.0m).
WARNING:  Increasing the range increases the volume of the sphere being searched.  This has a direct correlation to the time it takes the engine to scan for objects.  That mean’s going from 4.0m radius to 8.0m radius is the difference between a volume of 268.08 and 2144.66 cubic meters, or an increase of 700% (8x the volume).

To change the INTERVAL BETWEEN actions:
cgf "LSSL:Interface.SetFloatControl" "ScanInterval" float
Where “float” is the time in seconds you want (note, it is internally minimally clamped to 1.0s).

To turn the SCANNER requirement OFF:
cgf "LSSL:Interface.SetBoolControl" "HandScannerOnly" false

To ALLOW STEALING (and accessing owned doors/terminals):
cgf "LSSL:Interface.SetBoolControl" "AllowStealing" true

To toggle PAUSE on/off:
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleBoolControl" "PauseScan" true

Console/Hotkey commands:

See the bottom of this page for a Hotkey example config.

cgf "LSSL:Interface.SetFloatControl" "asControl" float
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ModFloatControl" "asControl" float
cgf "LSSL:Interface.SetBoolControl" "asControl" bool
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleBoolControl" "asControl"
cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleFilter" "asFilter"


asControl:        Type (Default):       Description:
HandScannerOnly   bool (True)           Only do the magic while the hand scanner is open.  Otherwise, do it all the time.
AllowStealing     bool (False)          Allow stealing items, may trigger alarms, etc if the player is caught.
PauseScan         bool (False)          Pause scanning while True
ScanRadius        float (4.0)           San for objects in this radius around the player (in meters).
ScanInterval      float (2.0)           Time between the end of one scan and start of another (in seconds). *1


asFilter:           Default:    Action:     Details:

Terminals           True        Hack        Automagically hack locked terminals. *2, *3
Doors               True        Pick        Automagically pick locked doors. *2, *3

Actors              True        Search      Search dead bodies for loot.
Containers          True        Search      Search containers for loot.

Valuables           True        Loot        Loot digipicks and credits.
ValueJunk           True        Loot        Loot weightless junk items with a non-zero value.
Contraband          False       Smuggle     Loot contraband items.
Resources           True        Loot        Loot all those crafting matts!
Keys                True        Loot        Loot keys to locks.
Books               True        Loot        Loot data slates and books.
Junk                False       Loot        Loot junk items.

Aid                 True        Loot        Loot aid items.
Chems               True        Loot        Loot drugs.
Food                False       Loot        Loot food items.
Booze               False       Loot        Loot alchoholic beverages.
Drinks              False       Loot        Loot non-alchoholic beverages.

Apparel             False       Loot        Loot clothing items.
Neuroamps           False       Loot        Loot neuroamps.
Helmets             False       Loot        Loot spacesuit helmets.
Backpacks           False       Loot        Loot spacesuit backpacks.
Suits               False       Loot        Loot spacesuits.

Ammo                True        Loot        Loot ammunition.
AssaultRifles       False       Loot        Loot assault rifles.
Automatics          False       Loot        Loot automatic weapons.
Ballistics          False       Loot        Loot ballistic weapons.
Chemical            False       Loot        Loot chemical weapons. *4
Cryo                False       Loot        Loot cryogenic weapons.
EMWeap              False       Loot        Loot electro-magnetic weapons.
Explosives          False       Loot        Loot explosives.
Fire                False       Loot        Loot incendiary weapons.
HeavyGun            False       Loot        Loot heavy guns.
Lasers              False       Loot        Loot laser weapons.
Melee               False       Loot        Loot melee weapons.
Mines               True        Loot        Loot mines. *5
Miniguns            False       Loot        Loot miniguns.
Particle            False       Loot        Loot partical weapons.
Pistols             False       Loot        Loot pistols.
Rifles              False       Loot        Loot rifles.
Shotguns            False       Loot        Loot shotguns.
Sniper              False       Loot        Loot sniper rifles.
Thrown              True        Loot        Loot thrown weapons.
Toolgrip            False       Loot        Loot toolgrip weapons.
Unarmed             False       Loot        Loot unarmed "weapons".


*1  The time it takes the complete a scan is highly variable, in some areas and some cases it can take less than 1 second to complete all the scans, in other areas it can take more than a minute.  Generally speaking, the more densely packed or dynamically generated an area, the longer a scan can take.

*2  Or use the key if possessed.

*3  Player requires Digipicks and the appropriate Security skill.  Additional Digipicks may be used to simulate making mistakes for locks higher level than novice at a rate of 5% per lock level per lock level.  For those interested in the breakdown, here it is:
    Level:      Keys:   Determination:
Unlocked:   0       0
Novice:     1       1
Advanced:   1-2     1 + 1 (5%)
Expert:     1-3     1 + 1 (5%) + 1 (10%)
Master:     1-4     1 + 1 (5%) + 1 (10%) + 1 (15%)

*4  This includes toxic, poison, etc.

*5  If placed and armed, requires AllowStealing to be enabled.

Known Issues:

“It didn’t loot X when I turned that filter on!” – The game engine just refuses to return some objects when asked.  The ingestible categories are the worst offenders here.  The engine will return a MedPak in a box but not a MedPak on a table.  It will return a MedPak in a box but not a TraumaKit at all.

“The mod is slow or stalled!”  Correction:  Papyrus is slow or stalled.  The mod is at the mercy of the game engine and your playstyle.  “Busy areas” – areas that are more dynamically generated, areas with NPC AI populations (including wild animals, actual NPCs, …) – these will all cause Papyrus to grind to a halt.  The game is not optimized AT ALL.

Hope to fix all issues soon, but there are still early days of Starfield Modding.

Example Hotkeys:

Requires enabling Console Hotkeys as can be found here.

F2=cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleBoolControl" "PauseScan"
F3=cgf "LSSL:Interface.ModFloatControl" "ScanRadius" -1.0
F4=cgf "LSSL:Interface.ModFloatControl" "ScanRadius" 1.0
Ctrl-F2=cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleBoolControl" "HandScannerOnly"
Ctrl-F3=cgf "LSSL:Interface.ModFloatControl" "ScanRadius" -5.0
Ctrl-F4=cgf "LSSL:Interface.ModFloatControl" "ScanRadius" 5.0
Shift-F2=cgf "LSSL:Interface.ToggleBoolControl" "AllowStealing"
Shift-F3=cgf "LSSL:Interface.ModFloatControl" "ScanInterval" -1.0
Shift-F4=cgf "LSSL:Interface.ModFloatControl" "ScanInterval" 1.0


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