MLE (Make Life Easier) Gameplay Tweaks V1.0

MLE (Make Life Easier) Gameplay Tweaks V1.0

Just a simple collection of QOL GMST(Game Setting) tweaks that make playing Starfield more enjoyable without breaking balance of the vanilla game.

3x faster waiting menu (from default 2 sec to 0.5 sec per hour waited)
Slightly reduce ship registration fee (from default %84.1 to %75 of the ship value)
Reduce the number of scans in order to fully survey plants or creatures (from default 8 to 6)
Double enemy armor drop chance (from default 10% to 20%)
Halve vendor restock time (from default 48 hours to 24 hours)

Use mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex)

Should be compatible with everything

Since the latest update(ver 1.12.30), Starfield no longer needs Plugins.txt Enabler to load plugins. However, by default MO2 will disable any non-game-masters if detecting Plugins.txt Enabler is unpresent. You can go to Settings->Plugins in the MO2 panel and locate Starfield Support Plugin, then set ‘bypass_plugins_enabler_check’ to true to disable the check.



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