SFSE Save Unfinished Ships (No ship limits) V1.1

SFSE Save Unfinished Ships (No ship limits) V1.1

Removes ship builder limitations on a button press. Allows otherwise impossible ship builds or just saving an unfinished ship.

SFSE plugin which allows you to save any ship without limitations. Press F6 to disable all limitations, press F6 again to re-enable them (you have to move a part around to see the errors again).

Although it technically works, I’d advise against actually piloting unfinished ship builds.

I have no idea what might break when doing certain things, so always create a hard save before saving a ship without limits.

Install SFSE
Drop the .dll file into \Data\SFSE\Plugins



Download mod

File File size
zip SFSE Save Unfinished Ships-1-1 675 KB
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