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StarFinance revolutionizes Starfield with an advanced financial system. Manage your credits with a banking system, invest in a dynamic stock market, take out loans with consequences for defaults, handle property rentals, and mortgages. Dive into a realistic economic experience where your financial decisions shape your journey!

Welcome to StarFinance, the ultimate financial overhaul mod for Starfield! Transform your gameplay with an immersive economic system that adds depth and realism to your spacefaring adventures. Manage your finances like never before with a comprehensive banking system, dynamic stock market, and more.

Getting Started
To get started with the mod, go to the GalBank Tower in New Atlantis and interact with the GalBank Data Terminal on the wall. You will need 1000 credits to open an account. You will be given an item to interact with the terminal remotely.

This mod is still under development and issues will occur. Please use the bug reports to report bugs that you encounter. I’m looking into them and trying to fix what I can. I know the current loan system is very exploitable. That’s not a bug nor a feature. That’s just the current state of things as I haven’t figured out how to make it less exploitable.


✓ = Ready
! = In progress

! Banking System

✓ Personal Accounts: Open and manage personal bank accounts to store your credits securely.
! Interest Rates: Earn interest on your savings or pay interest on loans, influenced by economic conditions.

! Loan System

✓ Loans: Apply for personal or business loans with varying interest rates and repayment terms.
! Default Consequences: Fail to repay your loans on time, and bounty hunters will be dispatched to collect the debt.
✓ Credit Score: Maintain a good credit score to access better loan terms and interest rates.

! Stock Market

! Dynamic Stock Exchange: Invest in various companies and watch your investments grow or shrink based on in-game events and company performance.
! Market Fluctuations: Experience realistic stock price changes driven by market news and player actions.
! Portfolio Management: Keep track of your investments and make informed decisions to maximize your profits.

! Rent System

! Property Rentals: Rent out properties you own or rent business locations or homes yourself to earn passive income.
! Lease Agreements: Create and manage lease agreements with customizable terms and conditions.

! Mortgage System

! Property Ownership: Purchase properties with the help of mortgages and build your real estate empire.
! Mortgage Payments: Make regular payments to pay off your mortgage and eventually own the property outright.



Bank Accounts
A necessary part of any financial mod. The bank account, while simple is the core feature that this mod uses. You can create a personal bank account which will be used for all the financial services GalBank has to offer. To interact with the loan system and stock market, you need a bank account as they draw and pay credits to it. This bank account unfortunately has a limit of 2,147,483,647 as I’m limited to the 32-bit float that globals can be in the game. You can deposit various amounts of credits as well as withdraw them from your account at any time using the GalBank Data Terminal in GalBank branches, by using ATMs (once I implement them), or by using the GalBank Data Terminal item that you are given when creating an account for the first time.

Interest is applied to the credits in your bank account every 7 in-game days. This is tied to the Universal Time. Every 168 hours, interest will be applied to the credits you have in your bank account. This time period may be adjusted in future updates as I work to balance this mod. At the current time, the interest is set to a flat 5% interest rate. In the future this interest rate will be variable and will change depending on various factors which influence what I call the economic factor. The economy factor will eventually be modified based on various factors which I have yet to determine but it will adjust over time due to certain events and thus create a variable interest rate that will be applied to the funds in the bank account.


Credit Score
The player is assigned a default credit score of 350 (for now while I develop the systems further). The credit score system has an upper limit of 850 and a lower limit of 350 (It will be 300 once I implement ways to increase your credit score so you are able to take loans again). You can increase your credit by doing the following things:

Being approved for a loan
Paying your loan

And you will take a hit to your credit for the following things:

Missing a payment on your loan
Being denied for a loan

Debt Collectors
It’s in your best interest to pay off your loans. If you don’t GalBank is known for sending debt collectors to collect on them. A little known fact though is if you attack or kill these debt collectors, GalBank will instead send mercenaries after you to collect instead. (This feature hasn’t been implemented yet but it will be)

Stock Market

Mod Organizer 2
Download the Mod: Download StarFinance from Nexus Mods using the “Vortex” button.
Install the Mod: Use Mod Organizer 2 to install the mod.
Activate: Ensure the mod is activated in Mod Organizer 2.
Enjoy: Launch Starfield and start managing your finances!

Download the Mod: Download StarFinance from Nexus Mods using the “Vortex” button.
Install the Mod: Use Vortex to install the mod.
Activate: Ensure the mod is activated in Vortex.
Enjoy: Launch Starfield and start managing your finances!

Manual Installation
Download the Mod: Download StarFinance from Nexus Mods.
Extract Files: Manually extract the files to your Starfield Data folder.
Activate: Ensure the mod is activated in your game settings.
Enjoy: Launch Starfield and start managing your finances!

StarFinance is designed to integrate seamlessly into your Starfield gameplay, providing an enhanced financial experience without conflicts.



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