Ultimate Booster V1.0

Ultimate Booster V1.0

This mod will give you a super fast moving Booster.
Tap the “T” key to put on your quantum powers and enjoy high-speed flight like a superhuman.
This mod will make your boring travel time exciting.

This mod will greatly enhance your PC’s movement speed and jump height after tapping the T key. For more information, please watch the video below.

This mod is for SFSE. Due to technical limitations, I will not be making an XBOX version.

Install SFSE, plugin.txt enabler, Address Library.
This mod is designed for Ver. 1.8.86 or later.
Files for older versions, such as 1.8.86, can be found in the Old Version section of the File tab.
Install Baka Achievement?Enabler. If you don’t want achievements disabled.
Unzip the archive and put all files such as UltimateBooster.esm, scripts, SKSE, etc. and into your Starfield/Data folder (most likely under Documents/My Games/Starfield/Data), or let your mod manager install the file.
Ensure that archive invalidation is enabled in your StarfieldCustom.ini. (Look below if you don’t)
Add *UltimateBooster.esm to your Plugins.txt.

If you haven’t already done it for another mod, this is what needs to go in your StarfieldCustom.ini:


You can change the behavior of the mod by editing the following configuration file Note that these settings are reloaded when you open the “PauseMenu” (the screen that opens when you press the Esc key), so you can change them even during the game. After saving the settings file, you can press the Esc key twice during the game to update the settings.
Filepath: Data/SFSE/plugins/UltimateBooster.ini
EffectShaderForSpeedupOn = “true”
EffectShaderFormIDForSpeedUp = “001722c4”
SpeedManagerKey = “T”
MultiplierMinThreshold = “0.1”
MultiplierMaxThreshold = “700.0”
MultiplierDownRate= “0.1”
MultiplierUpRate = “1.01”
FallspeedMultiplierMinThreshold = “0.1”
FallspeedMultiplierMaxThreshold = “98.0”
FallspeedMultiplierDownRate= “0.2”
FallspeedMultiplierUpRate = “1.05”
FirstJumpMultiplier = “1.5”
CrouchPowerRatio = “4”
SprintPowerRatio = “0.50”
SlidingBonusCount = “40”
TimePerFrame = “50”
LogLevel = “1”



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