Your Thoughts Are Your Own – Remade V1.1

Your Thoughts Are Your Own - Remade V1.1

Instead of the UI saying “you need to do this”, it will say “I need to do this”. So its like your character is speaking for themselves instead of the game telling you what to do!

What a night! Hello again everyone! Im back with a mod I made previously, only this time using the CK! There are so many changes this time around. Over 300 individual segments, with sometimes many changes in the lines for each segment. I have hopefully covered every instance that pops when playing, from tutorials to the little messages in the corner. Even the help section is covered to keep you fully immersed!

I haven’t done the main menu or loading screens, those will probably come as a separate download or mod. Not sure yet. Im still working my way around the CK!

These are the very basic changes I could make. So all of the you’s, your’s, etc, have been changed to me, my, mine, I, I’ve, etc. There isn’t much flavor to it, just those basic changes but with how much is changed, its sure to keep it immersive.

Ill get down to adding the flavor types when I’ve figured out how to change the other things id like to.

If you spot anything that should be changed but hasn’t, please put it in the bug section. Misspellings, double spaces or anything else. All that I’ve covered so far is the tutorial messages, pop ups in the corner and the help section. So if you see something that hasn’t been changed that isn’t in those sections, such as the main menu, feel free to comment letting me know but I’d appreciate if you don’t put those ones in the bug section until I get to them.



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