3rd Person 1-Handed Pistol Animations V1.1

3rd Person 1-Handed Pistol Animations V1.1

1-Handed Pistol Animations for 3rd-Person-View

Changes the pistol animations in 3rd person.
The animations used are the ones Pirates (for example Crimson Fleet) use in the game. No new animations, all animations used in this mod are extracted from the base game. The playere character uses different ones. Those were simply replaced.

Sneaking and Jetpack animations stay the same and still use 2 hands.

Left arm is causing problems when firering.
Version 1.0 does a slightly better job when shooting while standing on the ground. When shooting during waling/running/jetpack/sneak the left arm twitches.
Version 1.1 fixes problems witch jetpack and sneak mode, but the left arm still twichtes slightly when shooting and standing on the ground.

I personally don’t use a Mod Manager. It should work if you use one.

Manual Installation:
Extract the zip file to “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\”
or if using Bakas “Disable MyGames folder” extract it to your “Data” folder where Starfield is installed.

If you don’t already have done so, please make a “StarfieldCustom.ini” or edit if it already exist in “\Documents\My Games\Starfield\” folder with the following:




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File File size
zip 1-Handed Pistols Animation Replacer-1-1 781 KB
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