Baka Quick Full Saves V2.5

Baka Quick Full Saves V2.2

SFSE plugin that turns Quick Saves into normal Saves.

As a quick note, there’s no functional difference in how the game creates a Quick Save compared to any other kind of save.
There are not separate codepaths in the game that work to create multiple, different save formats with their own quirks and issues that this mod will magically fix or somehow change in any meaningful way.
All the mod does is make it so that if you Quick Save often you’ll have a long list of saves to roll back to.

First, download and install the Starfield Script Extender. (Required, and only compatible with the Steam version of the game.)
Download the main file from the mod page and extract it into your game root folder (the folder containing Starfield.exe).
Be sure to run the game with sfse_loader.exe from the Starfield Script Extender in order for the mod to load.

Requires: Address Library for SFSE Plugins



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