Dream Home – Overhaul V1.0

Dream Home - Overhaul V1.0

This overhaul moves the interior space of the Dream Home onto the planet Nesoi itself! Furthermore, a couple of new buildings have been placed outside including a variety of amenities such as a working Ship Builder panel.

The changes to the exterior look of the house to the vanilla one are simply because the internal layout didn’t match the exterior dimensions.

To unlock the Dream Home you must have the Dream Home trait.
If you find any issues or have suggestions, please let me know!

Full interior moved onto the planet itself (except the basement)! You can now enjoy the gorgeous view of Nesoi out of your Dream Home’s windows.
The area itself can be further decorated like any other player home!
I was not able to turn it into a fully working outpost that would allow to assign crew and cargo links, so for the time being the space will behave like any other player home.
Working shutters on all windows in the home, to use them use the panels next to them.
Swap between Female and Male mannequins in-game via the press of a button, located next to the basement door.
Transfer Container with unlimited storage and multiple more storage crates.
All inventories and workbenches are connected with each other, meaning you can access their content from the workbenches
You can even use the Transfer Containers inventory for the basements workbenches.
This does not apply to the building menu itself, I couldn’t get that working yet without the ability to remove items.
Custom bookcases, fridge and dresser for storing your beloved items!
A secure vault (with a cool vault door!) that houses ample storage for items, Spacesuits and weapons, keycard for it can be found on the kitchen cabinets!
Lots of markers for your companions to engage in activities around the house and other parts of the exterior.
Various defense around the property, including turrets, guards and robots.
A nice looking landing pad!
A “Landing Services” building next to the landing pad including:
A Vendor Kiosk that buys all your items (except stolen ones, common it can’t be too easy!) and sells you ammunition.
A fully working Ship Builder panel.
Bounty Clearance, Constellation and general mission board.

Optional Files
Basement Replacement
Replaces my basement and vault with the basement from Dream home Basement from b0bulat0r

Empty Gym
Removes all furniture and decorations from the gym room, leaving it empty for you to decorate!

Friendly Turrets
Alters the Dream Home Security Guards, Robots and Turrets behavior to not attack prey animals. They will still engage any hostile animals, human or if you shoot first at prey animals. This change only affects the guards, robots and turrets of this mod and does not alter anything else.

Minimal Exterior
This file removes most of the exterior additions to maintain a more secluded feeling. The following exterior additions are still present with this file:

Landing Pad
Transfer Container
Three robot patrols
Ship Builder and Vendor Kiosk
Mission Boards

Before you install this mod, make sure you remove all placed objects and clear any inventories in the house!
This also goes if you used my previous “Dream Home – Furnished” mod!!

Either install with your favorite Mod Manager or simply drop the files in Starfield/Data.
If you install manually, remember to activate the .esm in the Creations menu in-game under Load Order
Any optional files have to go below the main file in the Load Order
Head to Venus and wait for 24 hours before going to your new home!

Not compatible with any mod that modifies that area of the game
Not compatible with my previous “Dream Home – Furnished” mod, which I have also taken down.
If you use the basement replacer optional file, make sure that Dreamhome_Extension.esm is after the main and before the optional file in your load order!

The interior part of the house itself contains around 2000 items plus the additional exterior buildings and NPCs. I haven’t noticed any performance impact on my end (using a RX 6800 XT and Ryzen 9 5950X) however on lower end systems or console you might notice it. If you can provide any info on that please let me know and I update this section!

Updating the Mod
Updates usually don’t touch any of the storage containers and objects, but to be on the safe side I recommend removing all items from any storage containers and objects, leaving the area and then update the mod to avoid any issues.
To make the emptying less of a problem, enable godmode via the command tgm in the console (to open the console hit the tilde key, or ö on German keyboards. No idea what the key for other languages is) This removes any weight limit. To disable it, just type tgm again or reload.

If you load up the area for the first time, it can happen that objects are out of place or you have duplicated doors and other weird things.
Make sure you waited 24 hours on Venus (for the cell to reset) and then enter the area.
However to solve the duplicated doors and other duplicates or out of place static objects, simply save in the area and restart your game.
If you’re on console, I got a couple reports that after saving you also need to restart the entire console for it to work properly.
I am not sure why the game behaves this way even with this mod being a full master type, but that little trick solved those issues for me every time during testing.



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