Eli’s Akila Stretch Home Overhaul V1.0

Eli's Akila Stretch Home Overhaul

Mod overhauls the Stretch apartment, furnishing it and adding everything you could need from named storage to workbenches and displays.

I am REALLY bad at decorating in the game. I don’t have patience for it. So I’m decorating every house in Creation Kit instead. Enjoy.


Completely furnishes the Stretch home in Akila City with everything you could need

Compact and cool looking custom workbenches (research, weapons, spacesuit, cooking, chems, industrial)
Beautiful decorations and immersive clutter
Displays and mannequins
Glorious, STATIC clutter
Custom named storage. Actual usable containers instead of statics! A bookcase actually functions as a bookcase, fridge takes food, and a dresser actually stores things
All storage is marked safe from respawning AND has no weight limit. You should be able to store as many spacesuits and coffee mugs in your house as you’d like without carryweight restrictions.
Bed gives Well Rested
Navmeshed and littered with markers for your friends to use while visiting the place


Not compatible with mods that also edit this house
It’s “safe” to install mid-playthrough: There might be some left-over statics (you can remove them with the console) if you’ve already lived here for a while, and you HAVE TO remember to empty the house from anything you’ve build before because it will collide with my furnishings



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