Better Mines V2.0

Better Mines V2.0

Do you hate, when your Mines instantly explode when throwing at an enemy? Then this mod is for you!
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What does this mod do?
Introducing the “Better Mines” mod for Starfield! Are you tired of those mines blowing up right in your face when you throw them near NPCs? This mod got you covered.
This mod fixes this problem by adding a slight delay to mine explosions. Now, when you toss a mine near an NPC, it won’t instantly blow up and hurt you. You can throw the mine and quickly move to safety.

Say goodbye to frustrating accidents and hello to a safer mining experience. With “Better Mines,” you can play smarter and handle combat situations more effectively. Take control of your explosives and explore the Starfield universe with confidence.


Better Explosives - An Explosive Overhaul V1.0.2


Better Explosives - An Explosive Overhaul V1.0.2

How to install?
Install with your Mod Manager

Requires: Starfield Enhanced Mod



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File File size
zip Better Mines-2-0 320 B
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