Item Sorter – Better Weapon and Armor Names – Improved Naming Scheme V1.0

Item Sorter - Better Weapon and Armor Names - Improved Naming Scheme V1.0

Sorts all of your weapons, space suits, helmets, backpacks and clothing into a much more manageable naming scheme. E.g. will rename “Calibrated Beast Hunter’s Eon EM” to “Eon | Calibrated | Beast Hunter | EM”. Optional variant with Mk.1 to Mk.4.

With the latest release of xedit 4.1.4r creating plugins is finally possible without “hacky” methods. And the item names have always disturbed me, so this simple sorting plugin will change that.

There is currently no official support for Starfield plugins by Bethesda. So it’s possible that your save game can’t be loaded in a future game version.
Note: As all plugins, this plugin will disable your Steam achievements – Use Baka Achievement Enabler (SFSE) to prevent that.


That is also the reason why it’s not part of the StarUI series (yet) – It will be as soon as plugin support is officially available and it’s safe to use.


Changes the games INNR to rename your weapons, spacesuits, helmets, backpacks and apparel to a much easier to read naming scheme.
The base name of weapons/apparel will be moved to the begin
All modified texts will be added after the base name beginning with an “|”
Sorting by name will group all items of the same type together
English language support. If there is an interest in other languages please let me know
Created with xEdit, so the plugin should be pretty stable
The plugin only contains overrides. No new records, quests, scripts or such. So (under the condition that the game engine works like its predecessors) it should be safe to remove or replace the plugin at any time.


Calibrated Beast Hunter’s Eon EM will be renamed to Eon | Calibrated | Beast Hunter | EM
Refined Assassin’s Coachman will be renamed to Coachman | Refined | Assassin
Sturdy Shocktroop Power Pack will be renamed to Shocktroop Pack | Sturdy | Power
(Optional Mk.x variant) Advanced Technophile’s Eon will be renamed to Eon | Mk.3 | Technophile


Simply install using any mod manager
Active the plugin by one of the following two methods:

Method 1
Using Plugins.txt Enabler

Method 2 (not recommended, as this method can cause problems)
Add this to your StarfieldCustom.ini (if you already have an entry you can change the 1 to a free number up to 9):

sTestFile1=Item Sorter.esm


Bethesda for making another great RPG!
Collective Modding discord – for morale support, testing, ideas and more! (Check it out!)
The xEdit-Team for their great continues work (Without this mod wouldn’t be possible!)
The NexusMods community

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File File size
rar Item Sorter-1-0 3 KB
rar Item Sorter-Mk.1 to Mk.4 3 KB
rar Item Sorter Mk.I to Mk.IV-7-1-0 3 KB
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