New Atlantis Orion Apartment V2.0

New Atlantis Orion Apartment

The Mercury Penthouse is an amazing playerhome, it’s even better if you use a mod like Nizon’s furnishing mod.
New Atlantis – Mercury Tower Furnished

However the problem with this player home is that it is unlocked at the end of the UC questline, which is a great reward for doing it, but what if you are on a new save and you want somewhere safe to stay in New Atlantis?

This mod adds an apartment into the Orion tower apartment block for you to use,

(previously this space was blocked off with a caution sign as if someone had been murdered in this apartment) Spooky πŸ˜› In actual fact if you TCL behind the door there was absolutely nothing there.

so now there is an apartment here complete with all the workbenches, a regular mission board, UC board, bounty clearance board, and a bunch of safe storage (set not to respawn and ok to use).

Like always this Mod was made as a Personal project for myself, if you like it, feel free to use it and do whatever you want with it πŸ˜€



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