Revelation – Main Quest Overhaul V1.0

Revelation - Main Quest Overhaul V1.0

The main quest of Starfield is, like everything from Bethesda, a flawed masterpiece. The point of this mod is to fix that, by removing the flaws from the questline. Mainly the Temples. I’m not sure what they were thinking.

The number of Temples in the game has decreased from 240 to one. Two if you do Barrett’s quest. Once you do the first Temple you will automatically get all the powers from the Artifacts that you have already picked up. After that, you get powers from picking up the Artifacts. Each NG+ increases the powers ranks when you start, neither Artifacts nor Temples are needed. All mentions of the other Temples have been removed from the game, so the story still works.

Without the Temples, gravitational anomalies are not needed either, so they have been removed. You no longer need to wonder why nobody else noticed them. The one Temple that remains has been moved to a barren moon. If you use my Desolation – POI Overhaul as well, the moon will have no humans on it, so nobody will have seen the Temple before you arrive.

This mod also prevents the quests The Old Neighborhood and All That Money Can Buy from starting automatically. They will only enter your quest log when you talk to the NPC. This allows you to take breaks from the main quest if you desire, or skip it entirely.

Random Starborn encounters now only happen after A High Price To Pay, as I felt they cheapened the Hunter’s grand entrance if you had already defeated Starborn before.

The chance of a random universe now being a special one is 50%, up from 15%.

In Back to Vectera and The Empty Nest, notes and the map are removed from your inventory during the quest, to prevent clutter. The sextant that you trip over every time in the Coe estate has been removed as well.

This is designed to work with my other mods without issue. It makes several of the same changes as Take Your Time, so the order you load them in doesn’t matter.



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