Take Your Time – Quests Don’t Autostart V1.0

Take Your Time - Quests Don't Autostart V1.0

Starfield is full of quests. Whenever you walk through a town they are thrown at you, and a typical game sees your quest log full up of quests you will never get to.

Now when a quest starts the first objective is missing, so instead of a quest to Talk to the Scientist by the tree, you won’t see the quest until you talk to them and accept the quest. As a rule, you can talk to a quest-giver about their quest and reject it, all without the quest showing up in your log. Only accepting the quest will make it visible.

This includes the main quest and the faction questlines. For the main quest, The Old Neighborhood and All That Money Can Buy will only start when you talk to Sarah and Walter. This allows you breaks in the main questline, or to just ignore it entirely.

The Faction questlines now also only start if you want them. The markers to talk to the Vanguard, the Ryujin kiosks, and talking to Emma Wilcox have been removed.

This is designed to work with my other mod Revelation – Main Story Overhaul without issues.



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