More Powerful Landing Thrust (Hope 5) V1.0

More Powerful Landing Thrust (Hope 5) V1.0

This is a really simple value change to increase the thrust power of the Hope 5 landing gear.

For those who don’t know. The thrust power of the landing gear determines how much mass it can carry. A landing gear with the power of 1 can carry 200 mass. This means that the more mass your ship has the more thrust power your landing gear needs to support that ships mass. By increasing the trust power you don’t need as many landing gears to make your ship functional.

– Drop the file in your Data folder in the game directory. ” (C:)…Starfield/Data ”
– Make sure to activate the mod in the creations load order.

– I will be increasing the landing thrust of many more soon! 🙂



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File File size
rar Hope 5 Thrust Power-1-0 792 B
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