Ship Interior Ramp V1.1

Ship Interior Ramp V1.1

This mod lets you add a ramp to your ship, and walk from one level to another. Watch the full video before installing. If you install the mod first before following the instructions, you are going to have problems.

Please leave a comment with your experience with NPC pathing. I haven’t tested this, but I have no reason to think that NPC’s are able to use the ramps. If this is correct, this mod can be used to create private captain’s quarters, etc. I have never seen my follower in any of the rooms that are only “connected” with my ramps. So (for now) I believe this is the case.


there is still no way to add standalone entities to the game. Every single mod for Starfield right now takes something in the game and replaces it with something else. My mod replaces the Porthole Fore and the Porthole Aft; you will not be able to use these two pieces normally anymore, and any npc ship that uses these pieces will spawn in my modified versions (I demonstrate this in the video). Right now there is no way I know of to avoid this. If you know of any
Starfield mod that adds something standalone that does not replace something else, please let me know so I can drastically improve the mod.

If you encounter a bug, please include a screenshot or preferably a video. My brain has a hard time understanding and interpreting just from text, especially about issues as complex and specific as this can have. If you don’t include a screenshot or video, be prepared for me to ask you about a dozen questions so I can figure out exactly what you mean before I can even start thinking about how to address the problem.

How to use this mod V1.1

1. Before installing the mod, you MUST get your ship design done first, according to this layout. Otherwise you’re going to have to use other mods to get it to work, see the video below this section.

2. Place your two hab modules one vertical level apart, and leave a one block gap in between. The ramp only works one way- it only goes up towards the front. The lower Hab goes towards the back of the ship, the upper hab goes towards the front of the ship.

3. Attach the Porthole Fore to the lower hab. (which is towards the back of the ship)

4. Attach the Porthole Aft to the upper hab. (which is towards the front of the ship)

5. Install the mod. Please just use a mod manager. The files just have to be extracted to the Data folder, but a manager will automatically put them in the right data folder, depending if you use the Baka Disable My Games Folder mod or not, which I highly recommend you do (not required)

6. Watch the video at the top if you haven’t.

7. Enjoy

Ship Interior Ramp V1.1

Using the ship builder after installing the mod for those of you who can’t follow directions and then complain and swear at me that you’re having problems

Edge Cases

Pinky promise not to attach directly to a Hab Spine from either end, kthx

Bugs, Problems

Small gap in the bottom connection point of the exterior model. Easy fix, coming soon
In the current version V1.1 you would have to use a ship tolerance mod and set the value to -3 (or further away from 0) in order to attach the ramp

Un-ancitipated Applications

You can also use this mod to force open a connection between habs where you otherwise couldn’t- like with Class M modules- by placing a Porthole
Aft between them.

You can also use this mod to force the game NOT to make a connection between habs front and back (if you are using a ship-building tolerance mod). Place the Porthole Aft on a hab, then tolerance-tweak your way into placing a hab where the connection should be if it wasn’t for the Porthole Aft. The hab with the Porthole Aft will see the back of a wall, and the tweaked hab will be completely closed off as if nothing were in front of it. (at least from the one test of it I did)

This is a video that answers 99% of questions like “Why can’t you just use a Companionway or a Fuel Tank?” in detail, and also goes into some of my process of creating this mod. Also gives a hint for my next mod. If you’re a modder, this could have some useful information for you.

Before you ask “Could you make it do [this]?” “Can you make it like [that]?” “Why didn’t you do [this]?”
“Why don’t you just make an entire functional fucking elevator?” Please understand that I essentially had to break the game in non-fatal ways to accomplish even this proto-version of the mod. Mod tools for this game do not exist yet. 90% of the time I spent on the mod was just trying to find a different way to do it.

Ignorant, entitled comments like these really bring me down, and I’m simply going to block you from my content. I make mods to bring enjoyment to people. Starfield is still extremely early in its infancy of modding. This mod is the FIRST OF ITS KIND for this game and people are already telling me to just make a fucking elevator. There isn’t even a primary category in Nexus for mods like this yet.

So just be kind please, especially if you don’t have much experience in creating mods yourself. Try to recreate this mod from scratch, and if you find a better way to do it, please let me know so more people can make better mods. If you have a genuine question out of genuine curiosity, or if you have experience modding and know of a specific technical improvement that I could implement, please post.



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