Disables ship lenght limit V1.0

Disables ship lenght limit V1.0

This mod simply disables the size limit for building your ship.

However, pay attention to the size of your ship. It could overshoot the landing area. It would break the immersion.

How to use
Place the .txt file in the Starfield installation folder, where the Starfield.exe file is located
You have 2 options:
1 – Open the console (click ù), then type “Bat shiplimitdisable”
2 – Add the lines: “sStarting_Console_Command=bat shiplimitdisable” and “bUse_Console_Hotkeys=ù” to your StarfieldCustom.ini file (remove the _)



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File File size
zip Disables ship lenght limit-1-0 233 B
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