Simple Nuka-Cola V1.0

Simple Nuka-Cola V1.0



That’s right! sit back and enjoy the buzz of radiation from the old world zipping through you. Bring it to your outpost or throw it at random NPCs, either way, it’s yours.

This is a simple Nuka-Cola mod I made a few days ago but forgot to release. As I see there are few others, there’s nothing wrong with a little variety.

This mod replaces the mesh /texture for the boom-cola. A few posters, a rug a Nuka fridge, and the two boom cola vending machines. I understand the bottles don’t have an alpha layer yet for transparency, I’ll fix that later.
Always remember folks, if there’s a texture you want and don’t want, simply remove it before you drag and drop the files.


Simple drag and drop the textures in your documents/mygames/starfield/data
Drag and drop the geometries in your steamfile folder Steam/steamapp/common/starfield/data



Download mod

File File size
rar TGs Nuka-Cola Mod-V1 65 MB
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