Hab Function Descriptions V0.1

Hab Function Descriptions V0.1

Adds descriptions to the end of the Hab names so you have an idea of what you’re adding to your ship.


Unpackage the zip file, then put the three files in the Document\My Games\Starfield\data\strings folder (Create the \data\ and \data\strings folder if it’s not here yet)

├─My Games/
│ ├─Starfield/
│ │ ├─ data/
│ │ │ ├─ strings/
│ │ │ │ ├─ starfield_en.STRINGS
│ │ │ │ ├─ …


This won’t work with other mods that provide English to English translations.


Q. Why didn’t you add the descriptions to the description box for each hab?
A. First thing I tried; turns out that they don’t actually have unique descriptions. Won’t be able to fix this until the Creation Kit comes out.

Q. Why have you changed the text or used truncated words?
A. Very limited space for the titles, so I did what I could and truncated or removed words to make space.


Thanks to xTranslator for providing the ability to create the translation files and the author giving me troubleshooting help!

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File File size
zip Hab-Descriptions-0-1 5 MB
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