Starfield Engine Fixes – SFSE V1.1

Starfield Engine Fixes - SFSE

Collection of a few engine fixes I made for Starfield.

List of fixes:

1) Player Facial Expression fix:
Fixes a bug that can cause the player character to loose their facial expression animation set after fast traveling (i.e. “emotionless” face).

2) NPC Headtracking & Makeup fix:
Fixes a bug that can cause NPCs to loose their facial forms, tattos, dermaesthetic, etc. after reloading a save game.
Fixes a bug that can cause NPCs’ eyes to look forward without any eye movements during conversations.

3) Papyrus GetFormFromFile fix:
Fixes a bug that causes native Papyrus function Game.GetFormFromFile() to return None or a wrong Form if parameter asFilename is a Small or Medium master plugin file.

4) Papyrus IsInDialogueWithPlayer fix:
Fixes a bug that causes native Papyrus function ObjectReference.IsInDialogueWithPlayer() to return False while the DialogueMenu is already open with an NPC and the menu is waiting for player input. (Behavior now matches Console function IsInDialogueWithPlayer and Papyrus Game.IsPlayerInDialogue()).

5) Papyrus UnequipAll fix:
Fixes a bug that prevents 3D of the NPC Actor.UnequipAll() was called on to get updated. In vanilla, UnequipAll() doesn’t trigger 3D update (unlike Papyrus UnequipItem() and Console UnequipItem and UnequipObject). Without 3D update, only the NPC’s inventory gets modified but the NPC would continue to wear all previously equipped items.

6) SetScale & Player Scale fix:
Fixes a bug that prevents Console and Papyrus SetScale() from working on the player. The player’s scale can be changed just like any other NPC’s. Note: altered player scale is cleared by the code when a new save game is loaded (so changes are not baked into saves). Added in v1.1.

7) Spacesuit Helmet Flashlight Turns Off fix:
Fixes a bug that causes the player’s spacesuit helmet flashlight to turn off if the player equips/unequips something (anything) while the spacesuit is “hidden” (equipped but not rendered). In vanilla, on an equip event, the flashlight may turn off and the “bIsFlashlightOn” variable becomes invalid. Also, the game sends an equip event when opening/closing the Handscanner menu when force-equipping the Cutter; when this happens, the light always turns off in vanilla.. The plugin has a delayed toggle flashlight check. Added in v1.1.

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